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The election ended with a surprising winner and in my judgement, is likely to lead to an administration long on more surprises. We really don’t know what the new administration’s policies affecting agriculture will be. We’ve been witness to a range of possibilities accompanied by predictions of great success or abysmal failure depending on the [...]

“If it’s any good, it’s gone pretty fast” – John Kirkpatrick recently spoke with Iowa Farmer Today about Iowa farmland; see what else he had to say about farmland values and rents in the article. “Productivity, proximity remain key in dynamic land market” Bill Tiedje, Iowa Farmer Today

By Joe Bubon Now that the harvest is under way, there’s no avoiding the question of how lower corn and soybean prices will affect the viability of some farm operations. Most will probably be fine, but others are expected to start running short on cash, and a loss on this year’s crop won’t help. Meanwhile, [...]

Auction manager Kenny Schum talks about upcoming opportunity to buy farmland and recreational ground in Gentry & Worth Counties, Missouri.  

By Joe Bubon President, Murray Wise Associates LLC For more than a decade, we saw Midwest farmland prices rising steadily, year after year. Farmers and farmland investors saw their net worth increase dramatically, and many realized their long-term profits by selling into a rising market. Others held back. Now, after two or three years of [...]

Neighborhoods Matter

I must have seen it a thousand times. A farm sells for a high price and the owner of a nearby farm perks up. His farm, after all, has similar soil types and on the surface looks almost identical. Can he get the same price? Maybe, maybe not. In evaluating its potential, one of our [...]

To read the headlines, you might get the idea that farmland prices are teetering on a ledge, poised for a big fall. The common script is that weak commodity prices will pull land prices down with them. So why did 160 acres of farmland in Champaign County, Illinois, sell on Nov. 18 for $13,156 per [...]

By Murray Wise Note: This post is based on comments I made in a recent series of presentations for AgriGold. I’m grateful to my friends in this superb company for the opportunity to discuss global trends in agriculture. Most of our day-to-day conversation lately has addressed short term questions. How big will the harvest be? [...]

Now that the crops are in the ground, Murray Wise connects the dots in the current marketplace, looking at current commodity prices, anticipated crop size, carryouts, and the impact of all this on farmland prices. Click the link and listen to this 14-minute conversation while you drive or work out!

We were greatly saddened last week to learn that Terry G. Wilkey, of El Paso, had passed away at the age of 61. Terry was a very fine auctioneer who had on several occasions called sales for Murray Wise Associates. An auctioneer for 40 years, working primarily around central Illinois, Terry was regarded as a [...]