Hardware Hawaii

Acquisition Opportunity

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Business Description

Our client, Hardware Hawaii (“HH”), is one of the largest retailers and wholesalers of building materials and home improvement supplies in the State of Hawaii. The business is principally based at Oahu, with stores at Kailua and Mapunapuna, a combined seven acre store/distribution center at Kapolei, and a store at Koloa, Kauai. The Oahu real estate is a combination of fee simple ownership and below-market long-term, ground leases.

HH is a second generation, family-owned business, founded by Dana & Mary Lundquist in 1954. Today, the business is owned by David R. Lundquist and led by an experienced executive leadership team. Mr. Lundquist is seeking a strategic acquirer to continue the business and capitalize on its growth opportunities.

HH operates approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of retail space. Each location has its own customer profile and distinct merchandizing strategy to fit the immediate market. The long-standing focus on “Customer First” has made HH a local example in retail-chain management.

HH has maximized its onsite lumber inventory storage using highly efficient Auto-Stak systems supported by daily deliveries from the HH Distribution Center. With the Distribution Center strategically located close to the port, HH provides timely jobsite deliveries and replenishes stores on-demand, which are key factors in why HH is commonly known as the “Contractor’s Choice”.

Financial Performance

HH has shown a steady increase in sales in recent years. For details, Download Flyer

Key Investment Considerations

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