Murray Wise Associates is the nation's leading land marketing authority.

Profitable land auctions. First-rate real estate and farm management. Superb financial expertise for agribusiness companies. From permanent and row crops, timberland and recreational land to individual properties, institutional property and corporate real estate, Murray Wise Associates sets the industry standard in land marketing. Let us exceed your expectations.

Murray Wise Ag Notes

  1. We were greatly saddened last week to learn that Terry G. Wilkey, of El Paso, had passed away at the age of 61. Terry was a very fine auctioneer who had on several occasions called sales for Murray Wise Associates. An auctioneer for 40 years,...

  2. After a decade of cheery headlines about roaring farmland prices, we now seem to have one report after another telling us land prices are falling and projecting more of the same. But how much?

    Nobody knows. It's probably a good time to be...

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