Current Listings

  • A productive Humboldt Co. farm that is nearly all tillable with a CSR2 of 84.6.
  • This farm consists of 335 acres and is located just west of Humboldt, Iowa. The farm has a CSR2 of 85.7 and has 330 tillable acres.
  • The farm consists of 36 total acres including approximately 33 organicly certified tillable acres. The farm has historically grown tomatoes in high tunnels. The property is unpreserved. There are an additional 129 tillable acres available that are are adjacent to this farm.

Land and Farm Property for Sale Near Me

Buying land and farm property is a great investment opportunity for both farmers and investors. In fact, according to Iowa State University, farmland makes up 80% of all farm assets in the United States. Land investment can open the doors for returns, business growth strategies, and tax advantages. It can also be a source of significant collateral.

Murray Wise Associates has the professional experience you need to find the farmland for sale you’re looking for. Including our recent farmland sales, we’ve sold over $5 billion worth of land and agribusiness in 43 states over the course of the last 25 years. Whether you’re interested in farm houses, small farms, or farmland for sale by owners, we have the property and land for you.

When buying farmland, you can build equity and open the door for a wide variety of business and financial opportunities. Some of these opportunities include future income generation, retirement income, and more. If you’re an existing farmer, building equity may be your primary business goal because it can provide an easier borrowing process in the future.

Farmland and Tax Benefits

The decision to invest in farmland also comes with tax benefits depending on how the investment deal is structured and the type of crop that’s being produced on the land. Property taxes on agricultural land are typically better compared to residential or commercial land, and states determine whether the property is eligible for property tax breaks by analyzing the property’s size and other potential factors.

Other types of tax benefits you can take advantage of include potential tax deductions. For instance, once you buy and own your farmland, you can put your land in conversation trusts. The trust will purchase a conservation easement preventing future developments from occurring on your land. However, it’s important to note that you still own your land even when you put it into a conservation trust.

The conservation easement allows you, the landowner, to make advantage of tax benefits. When an easement is donated to a land trust benefiting the public, you could potentially qualify for a tax deduction on your federal income tax return. These tax deductions could be significant depending on how much your farmland is worth.

Additional potential tax benefits of owning farmland include tax deductions for depreciation for equipment and improvements such as irrigation pivots, shops, barns, grain storage, specialty crops, and more.

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Farmland is not only a great investment opportunity because of the value of the property and potential tax benefits. Farmland is also a great investment for those looking to improve and diversify their portfolios. Compared to stocks and bonds, farmland offers favorable returns and often fares better on the market. Demand for farmland also typically remains high, providing value appreciation to agricultural land.

Murray Wise Associates has the skills and experience you need to help manage your land portfolio and find capital for your growing business. We know real estate and agriculture like the backs of our hands, providing you with a wide range of services you can take advantage of to improve your chances of success.
Ready to get started with Murray Wise Associates? We’ve got you covered. Our team is motivated to help you find the best possible agricultural investment for you.

As the leading expert in land and agribusiness transactions, Murray Wise Associates is the company you can rely on to find high-quality farm property for sale. Whether you’re looking for farm houses or clear land with certain crops, we have the land and property for sale you need. Contact Murray Wise Associates today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.