Why Auction?

We Auction Land Differently. With Excellence.

As an experienced land auction company, we raise the bar high with how we market your property— whether it’s farmland, timberland or recreational land. No other company identifies, targets and connects to the audience like we do.

It’s not enough to have good attendance at your land auction. You need people ready to buy. This is when Murray Wise Associates goes to bat. Our comprehensive, dynamic marketing campaigns are put into action 6–8 weeks before auction day.

Here’s how we make a difference:

  • Put people on the ground, analyzing the market thoroughly to determine the best way to position your land to possible audiences
  • Locate prospective land buyers through established mailing lists
  • Promote your property through lending institutions, property inspections and one-on-one meetings
  • Meet with or talk to nearly all buyer prospects prior to the auction
  • Create eye-catching advertisements and outdoor signage, national award-winning brochures, even television commercials
  • Provide regular written and oral reports regarding the marketing effort and overall response

More Bidders = More Competitive Bidding

Our multi-parcel land auction process brings in more bidders. Why? Because we offer multiple combinations of properties at one auction, letting buyers design a purchase to fit their needs.

Operating in this manner increases your buyer base and gives everyone equal opportunity to purchase. Buyers compete for your property in a highly charged atmosphere, maximizing returns for the landowner.

Multi-parcel system advantages:

  • Unrestricted, open-forum bidding
  • Flawless execution from a full-time staff with 20 years’ experience
  • Exclusive software, which efficiently computes the best way to sell a multi-parcel property at any given moment during the auction
  • Buyer participation via Internet during a live auction

Auction Day

We conduct more than auctions. We conduct events. On auction day, anticipation fills the air. Bidders know our reputation, and come early to register. As we prepare bidders for the auction and await the first bid, they have the opportunity to speak with Murray Wise Associates’ representatives about the properties.

After the gavel sounds, sellers leave with their expectations exceeded and buyers leave happy. Unlike many of our competitors, our work for you doesn’t end on auction day—far from it. We’ll work along with you and the buyers to ensure a smooth, hassle-free closing and ensure that your experience with selling your property with Murray Wise Associates is a rewarding one.


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President, Illinois
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