Border Valley Trading: Leading the way in greening American agriculture

The agriculture industry feeds not only our nation, but much of the rest of the world, at reasonable prices. Naturally, that requires a lot of natural resources, and the industry sometimes gets criticized by environmentalists. But an increasing number of farmers and related businesses are seeking ways to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint.

I’m proud of Murray Wise Associates client Greg Braun and the other folks at California-based  Border Valley Trading, which is taking the lead in helping businesses do just that. Through their network of companies — including GreenFix America and AgGen — they’re providing solutions in such vital areas as solar energy, resource recovery and conversion of diesel machinery and fleets to natural gas.

One thing they’re doing is building natural gas fueling stations between Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. That will provide a ready source of natural gas for the trucks their companies have converted from diesel. The first station is already completed, and four more are planned through GreenFix, which is also providing services to help agribusiness with solar energy and resource recovery. I’ve been especially impressed with their solar installations in their cattle feeding operation in California.

They’re implementing practical and cost-effective solutions that farmers and agribusinesses can execute and afford. Plus, they’re eating their own cooking: The companies are the biggest users of each other’s service.

We’ve been working with Border Valley Trading for more than four years, with President Ken Nofziger taking the lead. It’s an association of which I’m proud. If you feel that your company could benefit from their services or wish to learn more, click any of the links above or give them a call at 760-344-6700.