Eleven enter university agriculture programs on Murray Wise Associates Foundation scholarships

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is being able to provide scholarships to young people pursuing agriculture and agribusiness related degrees. I’m particularly pleased that 11 young people are enrolled in 10 different colleges, aided by scholarships from our foundation.

These are the recipients, each of whom rose to the top of the strongest field of candidates we’ve ever had.

First-Time Recipients:

  • Patrick Halde; Freshman; Cheyenne Wells, Colo.; Colorado State University
  • William Hatfield; Freshman; Dahlgren, Ill.; University of Illinois
  • Nikki Kirk; Freshman; Chattanooga; Okla.; Oklahoma State University
  • Alex Marsh; Freshman; Arbuckle, Calif.; California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo
  • Andrew Krcil; Sophomore; Dante, SD; South Dakota State University
  • Sarah Mueller; Sophomore; Wilkinson, Ind.; Purdue University
  • Kymber Nakaerts; Sophomore; Clifton, Ill.; Kankakee Community College/Illinois State University
  • Tamar Adcock; Junior; Assumption, Ill.; Kansas State University
  • Erin Ehnle; Junior; Edelstein, Ill.; Illinois Central/University of Illinois
  • Alissa Doerr, Senior, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Adam Tallcott; Senior; University of Illinois

Continuing Scholars:

  • Matthew Aardsma; Senior; University of Illinois
  • Rachel Brooks; Senior; Texas A&M University
  • Jessica Engelking; Senior; Iowa State University
  • Jan Lee Rowlett; Senior; Oklahoma State University
  • Christopher Waddell; Senior; University of Illinois
  • Eric Miller; Junior; University of Nebraska-Lincoln