904± Acres – Cumberland County, NJ

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Bidding Procedure

Contact an MWA representative with any questions regarding the bidding procedure or property.

LOIs and PSAs should be addressed and submitted to Christian Koulichkov
with a copy to Harrison Freeland.

Property Information

The Jones Island Division of Sheppard Farms is one of the largest vegetable producing farms in New Jersey. This fertile farmland on the Delaware Bay has historically produced cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet corn, lettuce, bell peppers, wheat, and asparagus among other specialty crops. Located 40 miles from Philadelphia and 110 miles from Manhattan this farm is perfectly located to supply fresh produce to the large metropolitan Northeast market.

• The property is comprised of 904± acres (568± ac of which are tillable).

• The property has high quality soils, excellent drainage systems, and labor housing & other improvements.

• The property has underground irrigation main system throughout the property featuring interconnected wells and is drip irrigation ready.

• The property has historically been planted to cucumbers, peppers, asparagus, and corn.

• The property is currently farmed by Sheppard Farms.