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A bipartisan bill, the “Family Farmer Relief Act of 2019”, has been introduced in the Senate to make Chapter 12 bankruptcies accessible to more family farms in need of debt relief. Our friends at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP have summarized the advantages this could provide small to mid-sized farming operations as compared to [...]

Farming operations are finding it more difficult to deal with current operating debt and to get approved for financing. This is demonstrated by the Chicago Fed AgLetter’s loan demand and funds availability indexes. To determine these indexes, ag bankers are asked whether conditions in the current quarter are better or worse than those of the [...]

Murray Wise, ALC and Ben Crosby, ALC take home the Realtors® Land Institute (RLI) award for 2018 Largest ALC-to-ALC Transaction. MWA and Crosby & Associates, Inc. served as transactional advisors to the Latt Maxcy Corp. in connection with the sale of the El Maximo Ranch in Osceola Co., FL. The 38,000+ acre ranch was sold [...]

This fall, we had the opportunity to market two properties with two very different types of conservation easements. (Think permanent easement, rather than a term program such as the Conservation Reserve Program, or CRP.) The first owner used a conservation easement to preserve prime central Illinois farmland, ensuring it would remain in production and never [...]

In the 2017 Fourth Quarter edition of The Wise Ag Update, we discussed California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) and the mandated development of groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) for various parts of the state. The questions we proposed then were: How would the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act shape how farmers use water with crop allocations? [...]

This summer Iowa State University came out with its annual survey of Iowa farmland owners and reported that 82 percent of farmland in the state is debt-free. That was the highest percentage of debt-free land in the report’s history. In contrast, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in its most recent AgLetter reported that the [...]

MWA Welcomes Eric Sarff

MWA Auctions and Real Estate is pleased to announce that Eric Sarff has been hired to supervise marketing for brokerage and auctions sales and will contribute to the farm management and investment divisions as well.  Before joining MWA, he was the Midwest director of acquisitions and management at Farmland Partners Inc. and was a vice [...]

Last year when writing my commentary for this newsletter, it was hard to draw conclusions on the Midwestern agricultural land market due to the relatively small volume of transactions. While land prices generally declined, I noted that in the transactions that had occurred, high-quality land was maintaining its value better than lesser-quality land. That has [...]

MWA Welcomes Robert Cowan

MWA Investments is pleased to announce the addition of Robert Cowan to our team to help lead MWA’s Latin American operations; including the acquisition and management of agricultural properties throughout Latin America. Before joining MWA, Robert served as president at Farmland Partners; president & chief investment officer at American Farmland Company; director of agriculture and [...]

Fruit & vegetable producers have seen growth in the demand for individually quick-frozen (IQF) produce, with the newest addition to the marketplace being avocados. Some consumers may shy away from a frozen avocado while others embrace the convenience. It will be interesting to see if this innovation for preserving avocados (something that traditionally has not [...]