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There has been a great deal of interest in the upcoming auction of the farms, packing facilities, equipment and other assets owned by East Brokers Brokers and Packers and the Madonia family. As noted in the press release elsewhere on our site, the Chapter 11 Trustee has now filed papers with the United States Bankruptcy [...]

As farmers, we are careful to plant our crops at the right time, in proper fertility and properly prepared soil. We know the right techniques for growing a good crop, and we implement them religiously. We’d never dream of sowing our seeds randomly, at the wrong time of the year, and expecting a good yield. [...]

Farmers understand commodities. The essence of a commodity is that one is pretty much like another. A bushel of corn is a bushel of corn. It will accomplish the same thing as the next bushel, so you buy it at the lowest price you can. It’s a good system that works — for a commodity. [...]

One of the rewarding aspects of my career is the opportunity to help promising agriculture students finance their education through the Murray Wise Associates Foundation scholarships. We’re approaching the March 31 deadline for new applicants, and I’m hoping we get a large number of applicants. Eligible applicants include high school seniors accepted for enrollment at [...]

As I noted a few days ago, folks who were saying a couple of years ago that they’d wait and buy farmland at lower prices are still waiting. And now — right here in my own county — we just saw prices go higher still. With a whole room full of people, I feel sure [...]

What’re you waiting for?

Three or four years ago, people began to suggest that farmland prices were getting too high for their taste. Some suggested that “maybe I’ll wait and get them at a lower price later.” This week, a co-worker asked if any of those people had succeeded in buying at a lower price. I couldn’t think of [...]

I’ve noticed lately that the “skyrocketing farmland prices” headlines have pretty much disappeared from the news. Thank goodness! To be sure, there’s been plenty to write about. The drought, the Farm Bill, and many other issues have been well covered, especially in the “ag press.” But the excessive attention to prices per acre can distort [...]

When it comes to a college education, few fields can equal the benefits of an agriculture degree. Not only can it prepare future farmers, but it can also lead to a wide range of opportunities, including business, forestry, manufacturing, sales and many others. But financing a college education can be a challenge. Tight budgets have [...]

The Real China Story

China not only cannot feed itself, its agricultural output is not growing due to a strange phenomenon: As more and more rural Chinese people head for better-paying work in the cities, some are abandoning their plots of land and, with no cultural history or institution of tenant farming, the land is left idle. One would [...]

I had the great honor this week of serving as keynote speaker for a prestigious gathering of farmland owners, academics, policymakers and other leaders at an agriculture conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Naturally, there has been a lot of debate recently over whether farmland prices have reached unsustainable levels, and there [...]